Supervisor Leadership Training 2.0 Graduates

Last week, eighteen Minnesota Limited field leaders completed a Supervisor Leadership Training (SLT) 2.0 course. Held at the Big Lake office, this four-day course built upon the fundamentals and leadership tools they learned in the first SLT class. Wally Adamchik, Speaker and Consultant with FireStarter, led the group through courses on situational leadership, conflict management, mentorship, and more. Representatives from Minnesota Limited’s leadership team also participated by presenting on scheduling practices, project controls, and cause mapping. As part of the course, each participant completed a DISC profile and wrote a personal mission statement, reflecting on how they want to grow as a leader and as an individual.

“This training allowed our field leaders to take an inward look at how their personality and communication style directly affects how they lead their teams,” said Tony Abbott, Jr., Senior Manager of Safety and Compliance. “This self-reflection allows them to become more effective leaders; leading with our core values and providing first-rate results to our customers and the energy industry.”

Congratulations to all of the graduates!

Harvey Austin
Mac Bohachek
David Duncan
Rick Holderness
Wayne Hollenkamp
Paul Johnson
Bill Kunkel
Michael Munter
Donny Patch Jr.
Ryan Piescher
Tom Robinson
Josh Roza
Scott Sirek
Todd Staehnke
Jason Starr
Austin Toomey
Frank Walters
James Webb, Jr.

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