Supervisor Leadership Training 1.0 Graduates

Last week, sixteen field leaders from Minnesota Limited took part in the Supervisor Leadership Training course. The Supervisor Leadership Training is designed to help company leaders improve communication skills, strengthen the ability to deal with people, and increase ones confidence as a leader in the organization. Upon completion of this training, attendees are able to:

  • Make decisions for themselves and their team based on our core values
  • Understand the value that they bring to the organization
  • Acquire the tools they need to be successful in their position

Congratulations to all of the graduates!

Bill Barker
Mike Bloyed
John Chapman
Nick Feela
Travis Kachik
JT Kenville
Jon Larson
Daniel Lee
Justin Peterson
Mike Redding
Nathan Rondeau
Mark Rone
Mike Simpson
Andrew Steinbrenner
Jess Streblow
Tom Vorderbruggen

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