OQ Performance and Evaluation Training Facility

IMG_0905The Training department at Minnesota Limited recently unveiled their brand new training space, the Operator Qualification Performance and Evaluation Training Facility. Located at the Big Lake office, this space contains 24 stations for hands-on performance evaluation. Stations in this space include training on valve fittings, cad welds, hydro tests, asbestos, HAZWOPER, and more.

Prior to becoming a space for training, the area served as office and warehouse storage. The Training and Safety departments cleared the area to bring in tables, equipment, and lights to create a versatile and accessible space.

This facility will soon be audited for higher accreditation by Midwest Energy Association (MEA) and Veriforce. These organizations develop standardized construction and maintenance curriculum which Minnesota Limited is currently in compliance with. “Getting a higher certification from MEA and Veriforce would mean that we are setting the bar for other contractors and training providers to get to,” said Jeremy Van Der Schaegen, Training Manager. Van Der Schaegan and Mark Kitchenmaster, Training Coordinator, will be leading the charge on performing evaluations in this new space. Training courses are now available for Minnesota Limited employees, along with opportunities for third-party contractors.

“I believe this space will be a better overall experience for our employees and help bring validity to our program,” said Van Der Schaegen. Future plans for this space include adding a dedicated asbestos removal area, building on the environmental zone, and refining the station set-ups.

Operator Qualification Performance and Evaluation Training Facility Photo Gallery

For more information on this space and available courses, please email Andrea Dockendorf, Training Specialist at andrea.dockendorf@mnlimited.com or call (763) 262-7537.

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