Minnesota Limited Employees Give Back With 2021 Holiday Projects

Pittsboro Office
Through toy and monetary donations, Minnesota Limited employees at the Pittsboro office were able to donate a large amount of toys and financial support at the Pittsboro Fire Department for the local Toys for Tots campaign last week. In addition, the Pittsboro office purchased wreaths from the Hendricks County Mental Health Association to decorate their office. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped bring hope to children in need this holiday season!

The Toys For Tots Program has been supported by the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation since 1991. For more information, click here: https://toysfortotsusa.org/

Big Lake Office
This holiday season, Minnesota Limited employees at the Big Lake office were able to donate over 200 toys for the local Toys For Tots drive and gift cards to Rivers of Hope clients through toy and monetary donations. What a great way to spread the love, cheer, and support to the community!

Rivers of Hope is a non-profit organization supporting families affected by domestic violence. For more information, click here: https://riversofhope.org/

Dover Office
Employees at the Dover office were very charitable this holiday season and successfully delivered over 50 toys and a generous cash donation at the Uhrichsville Fire Department last week for their local Toys For Tots program. Their contributions will be greatly appreciated by the families in need throughout the community.

Various Jobsites
We’ve had numerous crews across our jobsites work together to collect and contribute items and monetary donations to various charities in their local communities that support the less fortunate, along with several individual families in need. A big thank you to everyone who participated and helped share the love and cheer this holiday season!

Bemidji Office
Through monetary donations, employees at our Bemidji office were able to donate several gift cards for the Northwoods Battered Women’s Shelter. These gift cards helped support the 12 women currently staying at the shelter with their children and were used to help cover food expenses and gas money for driving to and from work, as the women are required to carry a job while staying at the shelter.

In addition to maintaining safe and environmentally friendly job sites, Minnesota Limited strives to make a positive, lasting impact on the neighborhoods and areas across our geographic footprint. Our community outreach program focuses on strengthening our connection with community leaders and those in need. We take pride in the partnerships we have fostered and the friendships we have made. By having a visible presence in our communities,  we look to educate those individuals about our organization, our industry, and the benefits that safe and reliable infrastructure has for our nation.

Making Waves In The Big Lake Community

We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to the individuals and teams that participated in our Making Waves outreach project with The Wave Youth Center. Through the efforts of our generous employees, we were able to provide supplies and snacks to the local youth in the community for this fall!​​

In addition to maintaining safe and environmentally friendly job sites, Minnesota Limited strives to make a positive, lasting impact on the neighborhoods and areas across our geographic footprint. Our community outreach program focuses on strengthening our connection with community leaders and those in need. We take pride in the partnerships we have fostered and the friendships we have made. By having a visible presence in our communities,  we look to educate those individuals about our organization, our industry, and the benefits that safe and reliable infrastructure has for our nation.

Artera Launches Versiv Solutions

Artera Services (“Artera”), one of the nation’s industry-leading providers of essential infrastructure services to the natural gas and electric industries, announces today the creation of Versiv Solutions, LLC (“Versiv”). Versiv is Artera’s newest service line and focuses on providing innovative and sustainable solutions to decrease methane emissions.

“Introducing the new Versiv team and adding a talented group of leaders to the Artera family is an inspiring time for us and the industry,” said Brian Palmer, Chief Executive Officer at Artera. “Our investment in Versiv reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with innovative solutions that help them decrease methane emissions. We are all about supporting our customers’ goals to seek sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective means to deliver essential utilities to the communities they serve.”

Versiv strives to be a trusted leader in pipeline safety and environmental solutions for the energy and natural gas industries. Today, Versiv’s primary focus is on providing cross compression services as an alternative to venting, flaring, or blowdown, which prevents the emission of natural gas into the atmosphere

Versiv utilizes specialized equipment to evacuate natural gas out of a section of pipe that needs critical repair or replacement and recycles it back into a different section of the system, minimizing the amount of methane released into the atmosphere. Ultimately, the necessary work can continue without interruption, resulting in monetary savings, emission reductions, and less disruption to surrounding communities.​

“Looking ahead, natural gas system operators will rely more and more on their trusted partners to provide support and thought leadership to help them meet industry expectations. This is especially true when it comes to emissions reduction and sustainability,” stated Gina Rundo, Versiv’s Director of Pipeline Operations. “This is why our foundational cross compression services are well-positioned to help reduce the overall methane emissions resulting from critical pipeline maintenance, repair, and replacement across the United States.”​

​Versiv is a national provider, leveraging Artera’s vast footprint of 41 states and 130+ locations. This scale differentiates Versiv from its peers, bringing responsive and cost-effective services to our customers. Versiv has already completed several successful projects, built a strong backlog based upon high customer demand, and has new projects starting weekly, spanning Artera’s footprint.

Learn more about Versiv and its solutions at www.versivsolutions.com and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Supporting Local Food Shelf – Birthday Box Project 2021

Over the past few weeks, Minnesota Limited employees at the Big Lake office collected birthday supplies to fill ‘birthday boxes’ that were then donated to the Big Lake Community Food Shelf.  All together, employees assembled and donated 50 boxes for this cause — which means that 50 families in need will be able to celebrate their birthdays! Thanks to all of our employees who helped support this project!​

Minnesota Limited is proud to be an active contributor in the communities that we operate in, and we engage in community outreach projects that support our neighboring communities and organizations. We are committed to giving back and providing support to these areas that will have a lasting and positive impact. Those interested in participating in outreach projects in your local communities should contact the Communications department at corporate.communications@mnlimited.com.

10 Minnesota Limited Employees Receive 2021 MEA Awards

Minnesota Limited is pleased to share that the MEA Energy Association (MEA) has honored 10 Minnesota Limited employees with Meritorious Service and Life Sustaining Awards.

MEA bestows the Meritorious Service Award to recognize industry employees who have performed actions in the service of another that are considered above and beyond. The Life Sustaining Award recognizes individuals from MEA’s member companies who have saved the life of another.

“MEA is honored to present the Meritorious Service and Life Sustaining Awards to these 10 deserving individuals,” said John Gann, MEA Vice President. “We are extremely grateful to these outstanding individuals who rise up and make a positive contribution to society. Their actions are a testament to who these individuals are and to the training they receive as Minnesota Limited employees.”

6 Employees Receive MEA Meritorious Service Award

Michael Olson, laborer; Chad Magoon, operator; and Paul Gatons, operator — use their safety training to assist colleague who had lost consciousness.

While working on a project, Michael observed their teamster, who was walking near a piece of equipment, begin to stagger and then collapse with an unknown medical condition. Michael and Paul ran to the teamster’s location where they saw that he was unresponsive and laying on his stomach. They rolled him over and saw that he was conscious but incoherent. At that point, Chad called 911 to get an ambulance and Michael notified the on-site safety representative of the situation. Michael and Paul then put up their jackets to stop dust and wind from getting in the teamster’s face. The ambulance arrived on-scene approximately 20 minutes after the teamster’s collapse.

The ER staff stated that the teamster would have a very good chance at a full recovery due to the crew’s quick action of getting the ambulance on-site and to the ER so that the proper medication could be administered quickly.

Lloyd Fondren, safety coordinator — helps trapped woman out of a car after an accident.

During Lloyd’s travels to a project, he came across a single car accident on an interstate. He pulled over along with several other travelers, but noticed no one approaching the vehicle. There was broken glass and vehicle fluids all over the road, but Lloyd approached the vehicle to see if anyone needed assistance. Once he got to the vehicle, he noticed a woman inside trapped in the driver’s seat by the seat belt. He first asked if she was okay and if she was able to be moved, and once she said yes, Lloyd crawled inside the vehicle through the broken windshield. He then crawled under her and lifted her up so he could release her seat belt, then another individual crawled on top of the vehicle and helped pull her out. The woman sustained several cuts from the broken glass, but didn’t seem to have any broken bones or injuries.

Lloyd showed Minnesota Limited’s core value of commitment to those around him and making sure everyone goes home safe at the end of each day. Most people would have drove by and stared, but never would have stopped.

Duane Carlson, superintendent; John Chapman, foreman — assist client who showed symptoms of a cardiac event.

At a project site, a client employee began showing symptoms of a cardiac event. Emergency crews (911) were contacted by client personnel. In the meantime, Duane Carlson mobilized all CPR/First Aid trained personnel to be available to assist in caring for the individual while John Chapman organized crew personnel to provide traffic control and ensure the ambulance had a safe and clear path to the section of right-of-way where the affected individual was located.

These actions directly contributed to ensuring the individual was able to get off the right-of-way and receive the care they needed by professionals.

4 Employees Receive MEA Life Sustaining Award

Jocelyn Duncan, project coordinator; Greg Oeltjenbruns, foreman; Danny Nihart, straw/laborer; Carter Tollefson, laborer — put out vehicle fire and extract driver, saving the person trapped inside.

Jocelyn was almost back to a jobsite when she came upon a stringer truck that had just overturned. Upon analyzing the scene, she noticed that the truck was still running, smoking profusely, and straying oil everywhere, and a man and woman were running from their vehicle to the truck. She parked her truck about 30 feet away from the truck in case it came into complete flames. She then got out and ran to the truck, and saw a man crushed in it. The man and woman stayed with the man while Jocelyn ran to her truck and called 911, then called Greg right after to come with tools and help.

After making those calls, Jocelyn got the fire extinguisher out of her truck’s toolbox and sprayed the smoking truck. Greg and a few other employees then arrived on-scene, and they got tools out of Greg’s truck to start prying the crushed passenger door open to free the trapped driver. Greg then called to get a few Minnesota Limited flaggers, Danny Nihart and Carter Tollefson, to handle traffic control. By this time, numerous people had arrived on-scene and it became a group effort to save the man’s life. While most of the group worked to get the mangled door off, Jocelyn collected blankets and first aid kits to prepare for when they got the man out, expecting for some sort of injury. After about 10 minutes, the man was pulled out of the crushed cab and helped to stand and walk to a truck on standby, with no visible serious injuries. The situation was handled further by the police department, fire department, and ambulance that then arrived on-scene.