Adopt-A-Highway Clean Up Project

CountyRoad17CleanUp_ePipeline_News_2Employees at the Big Lake office took part in a roadside clean up event on the newly adopted County Road 17. This particular area is a stretch of road that comes directly out of the corporate office driveway. Employees were excited to get outside and help keep the local neighborhood clean. After the crew was outfitted with safety vests and cut resistant gloves, Tony Abbott JR, Senior Manger of Safety & Compliance, led the group in a Stretch and Flex exercise. When the group was ready to depart, Ben Schrader, Equipment Manager – West Region, and Mike Simpson, Transportation, loaded the participants into company vehicles and strategically dropped off pairs of employees along both sides of the route. Each pair walked along the route and collected trash and debris into large garbage bags which will be picked up by members at the state department. This event showcased Minnesota Limited’s commitment to their team, which includes the local community and the environment around the office. A huge thank you to all of those involved with this project.

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