Proudly serving the transmission pipeline market for over 50 years.

Established in 1966, Minnesota Limited has grown into one of the largest pipeline transmission contractors doing business across 34 different states in the U.S. We have enjoyed a controlled and sustained growth pattern, which has resulted in increased volume, a broadened client base, expanded fleet of company-owned equipment and, most importantly, the accumulation of highly skilled productive employees.

We have successfully completed projects on natural gas, crude oil, refined products and hydrocarbon pipelines and facilities. We have constructed major cross-country pipelines, pumping and compressor stations, gas distribution systems, tank farms, terminal and refinery projects, in addition to completing in excess of 10,000 miles of hydro-static testing and repair work throughout the United States.

In 2011, we joined with Vectren Corporation, a diversified gas and electric utility based in Evansville, IN. This synergistic move allowed Minnesota Limited to continue on a growth pattern to meet our customers’ diversified demands. In addition, it allowed us to partner with Miller Pipeline, one of the nation’s premier natural gas distribution contractors. In 2016, Miller Pipeline and Minnesota Limited brought their businesses under the same brand known as MVerge, an infrastructure services division offering turnkey solutions to our customers in the pipeline construction market. For more information on MVerge, please visit

In 2019, CenterPoint Energy, Inc. and Vectren Corporation merged under CenterPoint Energy. Minnesota Limited is now a part of their competitive energy businesses which include three areas: natural gas marketing and energy-related services; energy efficiency, sustainability and infrastructure modernization solutions; and construction and repairs services for pipeline systems, primarily natural gas. The competitive energy businesses footprint spans nearly 40 states. For more information, please visit CenterPoint’s website.

In April 2020, PowerTeam Services acquired Miller Pipeline and Minnesota Limited from CenterPoint Energy as an industry-leading provider of integrated infrastructure services to natural gas, oil, and electric utilities across 34 states. In August 2020, PowerTeam Services announced their new company name and rebrand, Artera Services (“Artera”). After the acquisition of Miller Pipeline and Minnesota Limited (collectively “MVerge”), the company established this new name to better reflect the diversity of their offerings and provide a platform for future growth, both organically and through future acquisitions. For more information, please visit Artera Services’ website.



Building A Better Tomorrow

In partnership with our parent company Artera, we believe in the dignity of all human beings. We believe that diversity—be it race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, gender, age, background, experience or any other quality that makes each of us unique—adds depth and value to our team. We believe in an environment where every team member is included, respected and safe to share their thoughts and opinions. Discrimination and injustice have no place in our culture, our offices, or our job sites.